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About Âme

About Ame image

Beautifully refined and ethically designed, the word “Âme” is French for soul, and evokes a feeling of consciousness, integrity and grace.

A  collection of incomparable, fine lab-grown diamond jewelry pieces, Âme unites design and technology with a mindful voice, for those in search of more than just an accessory.

Conceptualized by Creative Director Elinor Avni, each collection is connected through her appreciation for shapes found in nature and architectural geometry, manifesting in elegant, structural pieces.

A celebration of femininity, Âme’s modern designs are to be worn from day to night, adding a touch of finesse to every ensemble. With each piece locally crafted in New York, our ‘Âme-grown®’ diamonds are ethically produced, technologically progressive, and environmentally conscious.

Step into the world of Âme.

Elinor Avni:
Creative Director of Âme

About Ame image

Elinor Avni:
Creative Director of Âme

Design and creativity have always been a way of life for Elinor Avni. Growing up in New York City, she has consistently been drawn to the world of art and its creative possibilities, and her urban upbringing has strongly inspired her perspective.



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What is a lab-grown diamond?

As the name defines, it is a diamond that has been grown in a laboratory, using the latest, cutting-edge technology that replicates the natural diamond formation process.

What does Âme-grown® diamonds mean?

Âme-grown® diamonds are diamonds grown by Âme Fine Jewelry House. We grow our diamonds to fit our creative ideas.

What is the difference between a mined and a lab-grown diamond?

The only difference between a mined diamond and a lab-grown diamond is the place of its origin. Natural diamonds are forged in the extreme pressure and heat generated in the bowels of the Earth, and lab-grown diamonds are created in similar conditions, but inside a machine. Lab-grown diamonds display the same chemical, physical and optical characteristics as mined diamonds, indistinguishable in materiality and appearance. Both types of diamond are then cut and polished in the same manner.

Where are Âme-grown® diamonds produced?

All Âme-grown® diamonds are made in the United States.

What raw materials are used to produce lab-grown diamonds?

One diamond produces another, with all lab-grown diamonds grown from tiny diamond seeds.

How are Âme-grown® diamonds certified?

IGI certification

Âme certifies that Âme-grown® diamonds are grown in the proprietary factory by Âme personnel. All Âme jewelry is certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) in New York.

What are the characteristics of Âme-grown® diamonds?

Âme-grown® diamonds display the same characteristics as mined diamonds. The innovative technology allows us to grow diamonds in a range of colors; we select only H+ VS+ to be set in our jewellery. Âme-grown® polished diamonds are of different cuts. We can produce round, baguette, emerald, trillion and square cut diamonds, all to concord with the designs of Elinor Avni, our Creative Director.

How does Âme develop a sustainable business?

Âme shares global Sustainable Development Goals and is honored to be a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council and other industry organizations. We commit to the sustainable principles with proprietary technology and research, constantly improving the manufacturing process to make the growing of our diamonds safe and environmentally friendly.